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Bonza vegan vegetarian plant-based dog food hypoallergenic UK

Bonza is:

That's 17 A*, 1 A+ and 5 U's (can you get that many!) - not bad for a vegan dog food (think Good. Better. Bonza!)

Our Why:

"To inspire a healthier every day life for our dogs and the Planet" (think healthier dogs, healthier Planet)

Our What:

To produce a vegan (vegetarian or plant- based, however you identify) dog food that not only serves the needs of your dogs' health better than any other dog food available, but also lessens the impact of feeding them more than any other dog food on the Planet. (think health nuts and eco warriors)

Our How:

By developing a vet approved vegan dog food with leading canine nutritionists, adopting a 'food as medicine approach', that is at the leading edge of nutrition and elevates your dog's food beyond simple nutrition to a diet at the cutting edge of inflammation reduction and preventative health support.

By only including ingredients that have the lightest environmental impact - no corn, soy, wheat or rice.

By using eco-friendly, recyclable packaging.

By reducing the 'food' miles of getting your dog's food to your home and into their bowl.

By cooking our food using the most environmentally, and nutrient preserving methos possible.

By investing in research as we grow to demonstrate the positive health benefits of vegan/vegetarian/plant-based food for dogs

Our Story:

At the start of 2018 I was raising funds globally for the renewables strategy of  one Australia's leading Infrastructure Managers at the time. As a result the climate crisis was at the forefront of my thoughts.

In April, cancer diagnoses hit the Lloyd home, first Catherine my partner in life and then Poppy our younger dog member of our family.

This prompted a change of our diet to plant-based and daily supplementation with botanicals and adaptogens.  A search for a plant-based food for Poppy (and Mum, Ruby) fell short of success.

Launched in February 2023, Bonza is the glorious result of our ambitions to marry a 'food as medicine' approach to our dogs' nutrition at the same time reducing the animal welfare and environmental impact of feeding them. 

Bonza Vegan Food For Dogs:

No matter whether you are a committed vegan dog food enthusiast or simply looking to adopt a flexitarian/reducetarian/climatarian approach to your dog's diet, we hope you find all the information you need in our information library here - everything from the latest vegan dog food studies to scientific research on the ingredients we choose to include in our vegan dog food for your dog's health and sustainability reasons.

If you have any questions that you would like answered please use the help button to ask Catherine and me - we'd be delighted to help if we can.

Elevate Your Dog's Food Beyond Simple Nutrition

Bonza vegan vegetarian 100% plant-based dog food natural hypoallergenic UK

Thank you for visiting our site - we hope you've learned a little more about the health and environmental benefits of switching your dog to a healthier diet.

Please visit our shop to learn more about our vegan food for dogs.

We'd be thrilled if you choose to join the Bonza family.

Glendon & Catherine 🐶 ❤️

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