One of the principal drivers of our vegan dog food , other than supporting your dog's peak health condition, is that our impact on the environment should be the lightest it possibly can be without compromising the quality of the products we create.

Our products not only had to be the most eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable but we wanted those most at risk from climate change to benefit from every bowl of plant-based food goodness, treat or supplement  our dog's delighted in.

Glendon, our founder, was born in Africa and although he left there when he was 16 it still holds a special place in his heart. Add to this that the inhabitants of the African continent are expected to be amongst the hardest hit by global warming and climate change and  Africa, and her peoples, were chosen as the beneficiaries of Bonza's giving. 

After investigating  many charities we decided to partner with 1% for the Planet and through this wonderful charity to pledge 1% of each and every sale to Trees for the Future' Forest Garden programs - put another way for every 100 Bonza bikkies, one is sponsoring this vital cause

These programs not only educate African farmers in the techniques of agroforestry, they provide the seedlings and saplings of appropriate trees and shrubs they need to restore degraded farmlands, providing food for their families and excess fruit and vegetables and crops to trade for income providing their families, and the communities they live in, with secure futures far into the future. As an added bonus these Forest Gardens contribute to reducing global warming by sequestering carbon from the atmosphere.

Bonza - Your Dog's Gift to the Planet 

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