Your dog’s health, and their happiness at mealtimes, is our No. 1 priority. We are totally committed to this, so our guarantee is simple and straightforward.

If for any reason your dog doesn’t find their first delivery of Bonza tail-thumpingly delicious, your money back - no questions.

Like us, some dogs suffer from food neophobia (a fancy term for a reluctance to try new foods), which is why we recommend transitioning your dog to any new food (not just ours) gradually over an 8-day period.

This is the length of time scientists and canine nutritionists expect it will take for your dog to get used to the change in smell, texture and flavour of any new food even if they are reluctant initially.

If they are not licking their bowl clean after their transition (and giving you those ‘More please’ eyes), you must restore their mealtime happiness and we are committed to making sure this happens for their best life.

Please contact us via phone, email or chat and we’ll be delighted to get your money back to you.


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