Bonza developed our vegan dog food in the UK over the past 30 months 

Working with vets, canine nutritionists, Professors of Animal Nutrition, canine herbalists, integrative veterinarians, agronomists and environmental scientists we established the best non-meat protein sources to provide our dogs with a natural, complete balance of nutrients to support their every day health and wellbeing. At the same time being mindful of the impacts each of our plant-based ingredients had on the environment and the livelihoods of those growing them.

For this reason we will not include ingredients derived from the 4 major crops - soy, wheat, corn or rice. The first 3 because they way in which they are generally cultivated, using a monocrop system, has significant impacts on the environment and soil health, and rice because it is the largest emitter of Methane, a greenhouse gas far more damaging to the environment than CO2.

Resulting deforestation and change of land use, increased use of pesticides and herbicides, topsoil loss, water course damage and agricultural machinery emissions are significant contributors to a damaged environment and an unhealthy Planet.

Instead we selected ingredients which are not only climate smart, they help soil health, reduce erosion, improve follow on crop yields, act as groundcover to suppress weeds, can be grown using no or low till farming methods and are climate resilient, they also offer improved food security for future generations in a more environmentally sustainable way

The result we believe is a vegan food for dogs that is not only the best for their health but also the vegan dogfood with the lightest impact on the planet available in the United Kingdom (or anywhere else on the Planet!)

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