Many dogs who suffer with meat-based food allergies may benefit from a plant-based dog food like Bonza.

There are a number of myths about food allergies in dogs and which ingredients are most responsible.

The makers of grain-free dog foods often tout their food as good options for pets with food allergies. However, research shows that grains are not the most frequent trigger for allergies in dogs. In fact, animal proteins are responsible for the great majority of allergenic responses in our dogs. The proteins most responsible were beef (34 %), dairy products (17 %), chicken (15 %), wheat (13 %) and lamb (5 %). Other commonly reported offending food sources were soy (6 %), corn (4 %), egg (4 %), pork (2 %), fish and rice (2 % each).

For this reason, Bonza is meat-free and also soy, corn, wheat and rice free.

Bonza is a hypoallergenic dog food.

Research also reveals that plant-based dog food helps improve our dog’s gut microbiome, considered a significant contributor to good health. Read this article on the importance of your dog’s gut microbiome to their overall health and wellbeing.

If your dog needs a special diet caused by a medical condition, please consult with your veterinarian or canine nutritionist to decide if our food is a good fit for your dog.

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