Vegan Dog Food Subscription

There are many benefits to a Bonza vegan dog food subscription – environmental, animal welfare, convenience, personalised delivery schedule and financial.

By subscribing to a Bonza personalised meal plan for your dog you are joining a family of dogs (and their owners) who are inspired by healthier food and a healthier planet.

Environmental Benefits to Plant-based Dog Food Subscription:

If you buy your dog’s food at a supermarket or pet specialty store their food will likely have made the following stops on its way to your home.

Factory to brand warehouse, brand warehouse to distributor’s warehouse, distributor’s warehouse to retailer’s warehouse, retailer’s warehouse to store, store to your home.

Using Bonza’s dog food subscription the journey will have been significantly shorter – factory to warehouse, warehouse to your home.

Fewer food miles, less emissions helping to reduce the environmental impact of feeding your dog.

Because you have chosen subscription for your dog’s vegan meals, we donate to The Rainforest Trust using Tribe. For every box of delicious vegan dog food we deliver to your home you will be preserving 20 rainforest trees, helping to store and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Convenience of Subscription:

 When you subscribe with Bonza we first ask you a few questions about your dog – their breed, age, weight, sex, intactness and exercise levels. Using this information, we accurately calculate how much you should feed them each day and provide you with your dog’s personalised plant-based meal plan.

Based on this we know exactly how long your box of Bonza plant-based food will last and schedule your next delivery to arrive a few days before your last box of food runs out. No more running out and having to make emergency trips to the supermarket to buy more food or ending up with more food than you need and struggling to find somewhere to store it. Just the right amount delivered at the perfect time.

And you are always in control of your subscription. You can cancel, pause or reschedule deliveries at any time through your account dashboard – all without having to contact us.

Financial Benefits to Subscribing:

There are financial benefits to your plant-based dog food subscription too.

You will save 10% for the lifetime of your subscription and you will always enjoy free delivery.

As a subscriber we also provide you with free access to the best online vet telehealth service, VidiVet. VidiVet provides you with access to UK qualified vets 24 hours a day, 365 days a year giving you peace of mind.

We think our online vegan dog food subscription makes perfect sense, we hope you do to and choose to join the Bonza family – for healthier dogs and a healthier planet.

 Read how our vegan dog food subscription works. 

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